Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let us begin the path to personal development!

This time around you will realize the only difference between YOU and those you see successful.

-Nicholas D. Marts

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog 2!
Findind out your "Why?!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Introduction

After a few years of “thinking about it” and multiple conversations of “I have this idea” it’s about time to take action.

As a youngin I realize the extreme potential in the young but quickly growing era of “the internet!” Many will say “it’s at its full potential!” but my friends I beg to differ. The internet is really only 14 years old and is advancing more every day. If you plan to take advantage of it, now is really one of the “big chances” you’ll have. SUCCESS magazine says we will look back at these days (as our parents did with the dot com boom) and say “man I wish I would have done something!”

After reading a book called “The Quarter Life Crisis” I was inspired to start taking action on all of my ideas so this is the start of it! The book previously mentioned talks about the difficult times individuals in their 20’s have been having in an age where jobs are scarce, all employers want years of experiences young people don’t have, and the confusion of “what do I do next?!”

We all go through it including myself.

I’m writing this Blog, starting my website, and sharing my experiences with those who think they’re alone. I will be talking about the steps I took in college, after college, now and will be taking to continuously better myself and leave a positive mark on society. Am I a specimen who hit the jack pot as Mark Zuckerberg did with FaceBook at the ripe age of 22? Negative. But I have had a few accomplishments I’m proud of many including acts most people fear to do.

This introduction Blog is just to give everyone an idea of what I’ll be doing.

Some topics covered in these upcoming days will be:
1. Personal development
2. Goal setting
3. Creating your own “Life Syllabus”
4. Volunteering/serving to other
5. What to do with your life
6. and many more…..

Will I be able to tell you exactly what you should be doing? NO! But as a Health Educator at CIGNA I am trained to ask questions that get people to figure out their own problems (motivational interviewing) – this is what I pray I can do for you!

I’ll Blog bi-weekly just as a start until I can get situated with my new job, my new apartment coming up in two weeks, and other large events in my life (I’m very much human and have much going on too trust me!)

See you again in two weeks!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


As my summer is coming to an end I can see a lack of focus. One thing that gets me is I enjoy and embrace change but I also get bored, quickly, of routine. I always feel like something should be changing. Sounds like I may be good in business one day!
I’m in the middle of taking a week off from the gym. I feel my joints need a break before I get back into it hard. I’ve gained close to 25 pounds this summer thus far with a majority being muscle, which is obviously the primary goal. I’m about 250 lbs at 14.5% body fat. My ultimate goal for my first show is 265 at the same body fat so I can compete around 240 lbs. That would be ideal for me.
I know one thing that has been bothering me is how I keep changing my diet. I have read a lot this summer and each book has different but sensible eating strategies. So what I think I may do is eat the remainder of my food (because I hate to waste it) and pick one that makes the most sense, which is definitely the Huge in a Hurry strategy by Chad Waterbury. The book describes how most of your carbohydrates should come from fruit. I may put a small twist in and add some tips from the book Eating for your blood type. I can’t recall the author but he makes some amazing points.
I’m excited to see the changes my body will be going through. I know that I can make this happen. The tummy tuck and mass weight loss can’t stop me from competing and it excites me!
A few weak points I have is development in my arms. They have major trouble growing. I recently came across a technique called fasciae stretching. Basically you just try and pump blood into your arms until it fights against genetics and stretches your fasciae and allows your muscles to grow. Everybody has a pre-set size a majority of your muscles can grow. The fascia is what stops them from getting any bigger typically (if you are doing everything else correctly). I did it once day so far and it feels awesome! I’m excited to see how it works!

I will keep everyone updated!

Friday, July 31, 2009

The New Attitude

Over the past years I never really had what you call “ a positive attitude”. My number one problem was self confidence.

Being so obese at such a young age can potentially ruin a persons self esteem for life.
It’s been known to happen in multiple cases. I refuse to be one of them. Over the years I was picked on, pushed, shoved, and told I would amount to be nothing.

This Blog will help let me publicize my recent accomplishments and those yet to come.

I want to give inspiration to everyone who sees this.

Now about attitude. If there’s one thing the human has 100% control over it’s what you think. You can minimize dramatically how many bad days you have by simply waking up and saying to your self “this is going to be an amazing day”. I have made it a habit to do this my self and I can tell you it works. Attitude is simply telling your self “I won’t let this bother me” in a case of a negative event. Or finding the good in negative is always a sure way to help you out.

I have a question for you… Can you name me ONE highly successful person you know, or have read about who has a negative attitude? Good luck!

It’s really the major difference between the people you love being and those you don’t. Take a look at their attitude and tell me what you see.

Hope this helps!

Friday, July 3, 2009

First Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Nicholas and I am a 21 year old soon to be college senior. I have created this Blog for a variety of reasons I feel are very important to me. I also feel and hope that this Blog will not only give people motivation but provide them with life long learning’s. Through this Blog I hope for people to connect, grow, and begin to help/influence others.
My field of interest involved fitness with a main focus in nutrition.

I am currently an Exercise Science Major at SRU and will be graduating in about a year. I feel I can relate to a lot of people that would need my help in this industry. I have lost over 100lbs and have had a tummy tuck surgery. I am currently training to compete in a bodybuilding show in a year. I have had problems with about every eating disorder and have finally made balance in my life. I understand the pain, and hardship that tends to follow with feeling down on your self. I have been made fun of, picked on, punched, and bullied around a majority of my young life.

Once getting into fitness (it was football for me) I realized a passion for it. I would workout for hours (which is bad) but I couldn’t get enough. I started to read and read eventually being lead to SRU through a football scholarship. Through high school I turned into one of the better athletes which was one major breakthrough. Now at SRU I have turned into one of the people who folks ask advice from and it makes me feel great.
I needed a lot of development through college. I was partying very often, not studying, and being the stereotypical college freshmen. Years later I have finally picked up what I like to call success habits and have been growing on them. I still need a ton of development, but don’t we all?

I will end this here and will be posting every Friday. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I love to help people and will in any way I can.

“Take every failure and find a way to create success by learning from it.”

Monday, July 28, 2008